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At Next Level Research, we are proud of the relationships and partnerships we have with our clients. Here is what some clients have to say about their experience:



"Joel does everything well to make our market research successful excellent survey design, managing field operations, analyzing at the back end and then communicating very clearly what the findings and implications are."

-Division Manager,manufacturing company


"You have a unique way of making respondents feel very comfortable. You establish easy rapport with them and talk to them in a very casual, personal way, and they open up to you,yet its never in doubt that you are in control. You maintain authority throughout without actually wielding it."

-Research Manager, media company


"I wanted to provide you with a strong referral in case you are looking for some solid marketing research support. Joel Reish just finished the project for our [new concept] retail business. Fabulous work, great listener, anticipates potential issues BEFORE they would arise, incredible work ethic and service so wed stay within the reduced budget."

-National MarketingManager, providing an interdepartmental referral


"Watching Joel moderate a focus group is like watching someone herd cats."

-Owner, advertising agency


"We want to thank you for your excellent work on our recent project together. You proposed an innovative approach, one we had not considered, and not only was it right on target but the project came in under budget as well. You approached this like a true partnership to help us succeed."

-Director of Consumer Insights, healthcare company


"I have seen a lot of moderators over the years, and clearly you are one of the better ones out there, really aboutthe best moderator I've ever seen."

-Vice President, industry consortium


"Joel gave the best research presentation I have ever seen."

-Vice President, technology company


"I really didnt think there was anything more to learn from those respondents, but you kept digging and angling, and you uncovered some new things that had not come to the surface that ended up being the turning point for our whole strategy."

-Product Manager, B2B services company


"Plain and simple, Joel, you are very good at what you do."

-Owner, multi-market focus facility company


"What makes your reports and presentations more meaningful to us is that you really get into it mentally, all these little issues with our product that no one else would care about, but you do, and it comes through in the level of detail you take the analysis down to and the way you find diverse points in the data and thread it all together for us."

-Research Director, consumer products company






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