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Quantitative research is a set of methodologies designed to test and measure pre-defined concepts and choices in ways that meet standards of statistical reliability and validity. Quantitative research typically involves larger samples in a more regimented question-and-answer setting, such as telephone and online surveys, mail surveys, and central location testing.


Next Level Research provides full-service quantitative research:

Needs Analysis 

Methodology Development 

Questionnaire Design 


Data Collection telephone, online, mail, in-person, specialty, hybrid 

Open-End Response Coding 

Data Processing 

Data Analysis 

Strategic Development 




Quantitative research is best used to:

Measure respondent reactions with statistical validity and reliability answering questions such as who, what, when, how much, how many, which one, and to what extent within a statistical margin of error 

Gauge awareness levels, penetration levels, and the degree to which certain perceptions about products, brands and categories may exist 

Quantify performance, satisfaction levels, awareness, interest levels, concept acceptance, appeal, fit, and other key parameters 

Examine and characterize markets and sub-markets, identifying the best target population groups and the specific traits and qualities those target populations possess 

Determine the best choice from among a select set of concepts, products, services, brands, features, form factors, price points, package designs, or marketing messages 

Rate and rank key concepts, products, services, features, attributes, brands, marketing messages, etc. 

Prioritize importance levels of product mix characteristics and benefits 

Establish benchmark measurements by which to gauge future performance 

Evaluate the success probability of a product launch, line or brand extension, advertising campaign, or other initiatives 

Track changes over time to be able to react quickly to shifts in market conditions, compare before and after studies to measure market impact



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