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Joel Reish, Next Level Research's President/Founder, has authored many articles in industry trade publications. Below is a sampling:


The Validity Of Qualitative Research, Letter From The President in QRCA VIEWS, Fall 2007.


Joel outlines how qualitative research can and does have validity for marketing decisions. A marketing professor at a major university said of the article, "I immediately put it on the reading list for my graduate students. In a small amout of space you have captured the critical factors relating to validity of qualitative research. Your clear thinking and ability to write have made this a valuable contribution for academics, practitioners, and clients of qualitative research."

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Working Every Day To Advance The Profession, Letter From The President in QRCA VIEWS, Summer 2007.


Joel discusses the many efforts of QRCA to advance the profession of qualitative research.

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The Silver Lining, Letter From The President in QRCA VIEWS, Spring 2007.


Joel observes how qualitative research -- focus groups in particular -- are portrayed with ridicule and scorn in the popular media, and he discovers the "silver lining" of a positive lesson in these portrayals.

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QRCA Enables Our Members' Commitment, Letter From The President in QRCA VIEWS, Winter 2006.


Joel enumerates many of the tools, educational content, and networking opportunities that QRCA provides to help its members be the best professionals they can.

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Reflections In the Mirror: What Do Focus Group Facilities Think of Moderators?, feature article in Quirk's Marketing Research Review, December 2002.


Highlights the findings from an exclusive, first-ever industry-wide study conducted by Next Level Research among focus group facilities on their candid opinions about moderators how moderators work well with facilities, areas where there is a perceived need for improvement, and the best approach to getting the best research for the client. Click here to learn more.



Get Ready For VoIP, Tech Talk article in QRCA VIEWS, Summer 2005.

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Have You Hugged Your Facility Today?, article in Connections Newsletter, April 2005.

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Meet The Board, article in Connections Newsletter, September 2004, in which Joel Reish outlines his leadership priorities for QRCA and the research profession.


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Media Buyers Give 'Thumbs Up', Country radio feature column in Radio & Records, April 17, 1998.

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Press Releases

10/2/2006 - Joel Reish To President Of QRCA

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4/21/2006 - Joel Reish Appointed QRCA Vice President

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2/18/2005 - Joel Reish Elected Treasurer Of QRCA

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11/1/2004 - Joel Reish Co-Chairs Successful QRCA Conference

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7/9/2004 - Joel Reish Elected To QRCA Board Of Directors

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Industry Resources


The Code Of Marketing Research Standards. From the MRA website.



Marketing Research Glossary Of Terms. From the MRA website. Click here



Code Of Standards And Ethics For Survey Research, Council Of American Survey Research Organizations. From the CASRO website. Click here



Best Business Practices For Opinion And Marketing Research. From the MRA website. Click here



QRCA Code Of Member Ethics. From the QRCA website. Click here


U.S. Census Bureau.


What Is Qualitative Research? From the QRCA website. Click here


STAT-USA, an agency in the Economics and Statistics Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce.


When To Use Qualitative Research? From the QRCA website. Click here


U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Why Use A Professional Moderator? From the QRCA website.


U.S. Federal Trade Commission.


Professional Competencies Of Qualitative Research Consultants. From the QRCA website. Click here


U.S. Department of Commerce.


FAQs About Qualitative Research. From the QRCA website. Click here


Statistics Canada.




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