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Reflections In the Mirror:

What Focus Group Facilities Think of Moderators


This article presents the findings from an industry-wide study conducted by Next Level Research among focus group facilities. This exclusive study is the only full-fledged exploration ever conducted to uncover what facilities think about the moderators they deal with every day.


This study shows conclusively that facilities often have difficulties working with moderators. The end result of such problems is diminished quality of the research itself.


At Next Level Research, we pay special attention to our working relationships with suppliers such as focus group facilities. We treat them with respect and make them true partners in every project. Why do we do that is it because we're just such nice folks? Actually, no, our reason is much more calculated. By treating focus facilities well, we know we are giving every opportunity for success to our clients' projects. Focus facilities actually want to work on our clients' projects, and we experience far fewer problems because of the way we manage this working relationship.


We create a positive synergy with facilities because it's just good business and it translates into better research for you. So as you read the article, think about which researcher you want handling your next set of focus groups the one that causes facilities to complain, or a company like Next Level Research that treats facilities as respected partners in order to give you the best research possible.


To read the article click here.





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