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The Internet has brought new tools to the table for clients to observe and interact with live focus groups. Videoconferencing and videostreaming of real-time focus groups now allow the experience of observing live in-person focus groups from any connected computer or videoconferencing center. Many clients find the use of such technologies to be more convenient, to save time, and to save money. Here are some examples of how clients utilize this new technological capability:

The key executives to observe a set of focus groups may not have the time in their schedules to travel and devote to the project, who instead can log on to observe the groups and participate in the "back room" in real time while staying in their office, from home, or while tending to other business.


The cost of videoconferencing and videostreaming options often is lower than the travel expenses for as few as one or two clients to attend the focus groups in person. And many more clients may be able to observe the groups than otherwise would occur with in-person observation. For example, if a client would like its various Regional Managers or its advertising agency to observe a set of focus groups but does not want to incur the large travel expense of bringing in a number of different people, utilizing this technology allows these Managers and others to securely log on with a password to observe the groups from their respective home bases.


Some companies have policies that require a review and approval of travel based on necessity or other stringent criteria. By the same token, some individuals are limiting travel as a personal or lifestyle choice. Instead of finding such company procedures or personal choices to be a barrier to conducting market research, a company can use Internet technology to fully engage in market research projects that advance the company towards its goals.

Client observers have the opportunity to interact with the focus group moderator and with each other in real time during the research  just like sending a note in to the moderator from the backroom, only in this case "the back room" can be anywhere.


At Next Level Research, we will be glad to discuss in more detail the potential logistics, applications, and benefits of these technologies so that you can make the most informed decision among all available options.





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