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The most common benefits and key features of online quantitative research include:

Reliable market research method parallel studies testing various traditional methodologies side-by-side with online techniques yield negligible differences and result in the same directional indications.


Representative online surveys can achieve high representativeness for most market research projects. U.S. internet penetration is around 80% of households and higher in most industries. The under-represented populations, mostly low income and the most senior age cells, are screened out of many surveys anyway.


High response rates response rates can be difficult to compare across methodologies, but there are many reasons online market research often yields good response rates, even as telephone response rates continue to decline:


 Many people use caller ID, answering machines, and voicemail to screen calls, resulting in lower telephone response rates. Also growing in popularity are so-called "zappers" that can defeat automated dialing systems often used for telephone interviewing. 


The rise of "Do Not Call" lists has harmed telephone response rates even though such lists apply only to telemarketing and not to market research, many people blend the two in their minds. 


Telephone interviewing is further hampered by today's mobile and fast-paced society, while with online interviewing respondents can participate any time at their convenience. 


Online research techniques are still interesting and novel for many people, enhancing response rates.


Cost savings  online techniques are less labor-intensive for each incremental interview and therefore cost less for large sample studies than other methods such as telephone and in-person interviewing.


Standardized presentation  every respondent in an online survey is exposed to each question exactly the same way, while a telephone or in-person survey is subject to unintended interviewer influence or bias.


Multimedia options online surveys can display graphics and can stream audio and video to show a product demonstration or to test product design, features/attributes, package design, TV and radio commercials, website designs, etc.


Instant feedback available  clients can log in securely while an online survey is still in the field to see interim results.




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